Our Leadership Team

Charles Plott, M.S., Founder & CEO of Plott Performance

Charles Plott isn’t your typical coach—he’s so much more. Golfer Paul Apyan called Charles a “combination of a best friend, a mentor, and a parent.” With over 30 years of experience in counseling and consulting, Charles knows exactly how to work with your strengths and help you overcome your weaknesses. Charles holds degrees in Human Development from the University of Alabama (roll tide, roll), Community Counseling from Georgia State University, and Christian Counseling from Richmont Graduate University. He is a retired Licensed Professional Counselor with over 30,000 hours of experience, and is certified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a Master Certified Consultant with the Judgement Index, having worked with over 3,000 people. He’s also a PGA Tour-credentialed consultant, and a consultant and personal coach to Fortune-500 companies and CEOs.

Charles also has experience in youth ministry, public speaking, financial advising, consulting, and writing. He is the author of How To Help Your Child Succeed in Athletics, former host of “Inside the Game” radio show, and is a frequents guest on sports talk radio. And until a handful of setbacks due to a basketball accident in his 30s, Charles was an avid golfer and athlete. But a setback isn’t a failure; he’s learned that success isn’t a destination, but a lifestyle.

So when you connect with Charles, you’re not just connecting with a mental game coach. You’re connecting with someone who’s been where you are and cares deeply about helping you redefine success to win the game of life.

Philip Freeze, Sr.

Phil Freeze is the quintessential coach. With a B.S. in physical education and an M.A. in management and supervision from Central Michigan University (Fire up, Chips!), Phil has coached high school wrestling, football, and track. He also coached youth football, baseball, and wrestling. He then took his coaching principles and applied them to the workplace. He has helped and coached organizations in managing their work performance among up to 100 employees. Most recently, he has worked in leadership coaching to address mindset change for personnel supporting the Department of Defense.