Master Your Mental Game with the Plott Performance Profile

The Plott Performance Profile starts you on the journey to a whole new world of possibilities for your golf game. Leverage it to improve your score’s and master your mental game.


Week after week you find yourself spraying off the tees, landing in the same hazards over and over, nailing the putts on your practice greens but still choking under pressure.
This is NOT how it should be!


When you master your mental game, the good days become more frequent, the bad days get fewer and farther between. Master your mental game and find success on the whole course by knowing how your personality affects your game in physical, emotional, and intellectual ways. Our courses and resources help you leverage your personality to see better scorecards on the course and build a lifestyle of success.


Golf is fun!
It’s less fun when you’ve got a problem you can’t quite solve and you’re stuck in a rut you don’t know how to get out of. Your swing might have some wonky hitch in it. Your knees aren’t working together like they should. You’re not reading the green accurately. Or you can’t get that one terrible hole out of your head, and you worry about making the same mistake. And even worse, you feel like these things come back to haunt you in other areas of life too, not just on the course. But the harder you try and the more you practice, you just can’t seem to iron out these problems. And this is frustrating—because it shouldn’t be this hard, right?

You should be able to fix these problems with just a few training tweaks and some practice rounds.

It’s discouraging, and you feel like quitting the game all together.

Don’t give up just yet.

Plott Performance exists to help you master the mental game for your performance on and off the course.  Starting with the Plott Performance Profile, P3,  to better understand your personality and its unique impacts on your Golf game. 

With the P3 in hand you will learn how your personality  affects your movement, motivation, what distracts you, and what energizes you, and how all of that works together when you master the mental game. Knowing who you are as a person, uniquely made, will help you become the most successful version of yourself, whether that’s on the course or in life.

Your best game starts with your mental game. And your mental game starts with Plott Performance.

“A combination of a best friend, a mentor, and a parent . . . He didn’t just show me what was wrong, he gave me the tools on how to get better.”

Paul Apyan, golfer

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